Lac St Anne Pilgrimage is inviting communities and families to purchase concrete park benches or picnic tables in honor of Elders or family members for the Lac St. Anne Pilgrimage site. This is an opportunity for families to leave a lasting legacy on behalf of their elders or families  while helping to replace the many deteriorating benches and picnic tables at our LSAP site.

Your Gift Matters

During Pilgrimage 2004 pilgrims were polled as to what improvements to the site they would most like to see. Suggestions included serviced RV sites, better flooring in the Shrine and many other worthwhile ideas.

From this list we have chosen three projects.  These will provide much needed improvements that will greatly benefit our pilgrims. Our pilgrims have indicated to us the need for a number of improvements that should be made to the site. From these we have chosen three which are of immediate concern and seem the most ‘doable’. These are:

    Better and more washrooms - Our toilets are getting old and difficult to maintain. They often fail causing plug-ups and overflows. Another pressing concern is the fact that we urgently need more toilets just to keep up with the demand.

    Solutions - Upgrading our toilets would mean a much more pleasant experience for everyone. Doubling the number of portable toilets we rent each year would relieve much of the strain on our system. Eventually new odourless pit vault toilets could be installed to gradually replace our present aging facilities. This would result in washrooms that are cleaner, plug-proof and easier and cheaper to maintain.

    Lake Front Improvement -  The lake bottom by the beach is rocky - making it difficult for wheelchairs or the handicapped to access the water.  There is also nothing to shelter the elderly and infirm from sudden rain squalls and wind.

    Solutions - A cement ramp allowing easy access to the water would be much appreciated by the handicapped and elderly. A simple roofed structure could serve to shelter our elder’s from sudden storms or provide shade from the sun.

    Entrance Upgrade - At present there is no sign to welcome visitors or to indicate the significance of the site. A place is also needed where pilgrims can rest and pray around Saint Anne’s statue on their arrival.

    Solution - An attractive “welcome” sign with a mural type painting could visually show forth some of the history of the pilgrimage. A plan is also being developed for an entrance rest and prayer area.  These projects would greatly enhance our site.

All of these projects are important to the future operation of the pilgrimage. However, each of them requires the support of generous hearts. Your gift matters. With your kind help great things can be accomplished. You can make a difference.



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