I should know better by now. I always start out thinking that volunteering is about me selflessly giving my time and talent to the benefit of some needy organization that obviously can’t afford to pay for workers! And yet, every time I volunteer I leave having received so much more than I’ve given.

It happened again last year at the Pilgrimage. My life gave me an unscheduled five hours at the Pilgrimage so I offered to help in the Prayer/Mass Intentions booth. As it turned out, it was not a gift I gave to the pilgrimage but a gift the pilgrimage gave to me.

I delighted in meeting the two little girls who traveled from Manitoba in a motorhome. The future of the pilgrimage was being created in this, their family tradition.

I heard the plea of a community to find the body of a drowned child so all could find rest.

And then there were the pilgrims who asked for healing from their illnesses, and if not healing, then at least the courage to go on.

Even now as I write and remember my time volunteering last summer, I can see the little change purses open and carefully folded five dollar bills generously offered. I accepted their financial offerings, but I was truly honoured to hear and write down their prayer and stories.

So, my five hours of ‘given’ time became five hours of ‘gift’. I left my volunteer time inspired by the humble faithfulness of this community. Their openness, honesty and trust were not only a blessing for that day, but its memory has brought a blessing to my whole year.

If you are interested in volunteering at this year’s pilgrimage, please contact: Volunteer Coordinator at 780 924-3231.

Volunteer Service Application and Information


First name__________________________ Last name _________________________


City______________________________ Prov____________ Post Code___________

Telephone__________________________ Email: _____________________________


Please check which areas of service interest you:

  • Security Volunteers Mature individuals work in collaboration with the RCMP to ensure the safety and security of pilgrims. Experience in security work an asset but not required.  Criminal record checks may be conducted. Time: Round the clock in 8 hour shifts.

  • Parking Attendants control gates and help direct vehicles to their proper parking areas. Time: 8 am to 10 pm in three shifts of 4 ½ hours each.

  • Seniors Transportation (2 transportation units) - Mature drivers to transport seniors and  handicapped individuals. Helpers to ride along and assist the passengers also needed. Time: 9:30 am to 9:30 pm in 6 hour shifts.

  • Garbage (3 garbage units) Robust individuals are needed to help with garbage collection.  Time: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm in two 5 hour shifts.

  • Youth Ministry needs volunteers with experience in youth ministry to assist Youth Ministry Team. Time: Late afternoon and evening.

  • Children’s Ministry requires persons with experience working with, or teaching Catechism to children.  Security check may be conducted. Time: Mornings

  • Shrine Care Trustworthy and reliable persons needed to serve as ushers during Mass as well as helpers to keep the Shrine clean and organised.

  • Gift Shop Mature individuals needed to help with pricing, stocking shelves and sales. Those with store experience given preference. Time: 9am to 11 pm in three, five hour shifts.

  • Snack Shops require helpers preferably with fast food experience. Duties include preparing food items, serving customers and cleanup. Time: 8 am to 11 pm in three, five hour shifts.

  • Donation & Info Booth requires mature persons to receive donations and provide information. Must be able to work well with the public. Time: 9 am to 10 pm in two shifts.

  • Cook’s Helpers duties include helping with food preparation and cleanup. Time: 6 am to 8 pm in two, 7 hour shifts.

  • Shower-house Attendants -  provide change for pilgrims, keep shower stalls clean, report any problems to maintenance. Time: 6 am to 8 pm in two, 7 hour shifts.

Please indicate the times you will be available: 

  • Saturday: _________________________________________

  • Sunday: _________________________________________

  • Monday: _________________________________________

  • Tuesday: _________________________________________

  • Wednesday: _________________________________________

  • Thursday: _________________________________________

Only a limited number of rooms are available to those unable to camp. If you will require a room please apply early - they are allotted on a first come basis.

Special Appeal for Priest Volunteers

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a key part of the healing experienced by Pilgrims. Many come from areas where there are few priests and little opportunity to avail themselves of this sacrament. We are in great need of priests who can be available for this ministry.  Our busiest days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Meals are provided to priests helping with confessions.

About the Campground

Our 50 acres of camping space for RVs or tenting is provided free of charge 3 days prior to and during the pilgrimage. During pilgrimage we have shower facilities, toilets, a grocery store, concessions and gift shop in operation. Firewood and poles may be purchased on the grounds. RCMP officers and volunteers provide security around the clock. Health Canada provides a First Aid nursing station and an ambulance service is on call. Limited seniors transportation is available from the campsite to the Shrine and back. Camp gates are closed from 11:00 pm to six am and a quiet-time is in effect. This event is open to everyone, come and join us.



LSAP Volunteer Coordinator
10320 - 113 St   Suite 302
Edmonton, AB   T5K 1P6
Phone:  780-924-3231
Fax: 780-459-3139






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