First called Wakamne or God’s Lake by the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation who live on the west end of the Lake and Manito Sahkahigan or Spirit Lake by the Cree, Lac St. Anne is the site of the annual Lac St. Anne Pilgrimage, one of the most unique and memorable spiritual gatherings in North America.

Note: LSAP Camping Site is managed under contract by Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation
The Shrine and the Pilgrimage schedule is managed by LSAP Board. 
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Under supervision of the RCMP the LSAP Pilgrimage site has a
'ZERO' Tolerance for Drugs and Alcohol
Anyone found using these items on the grounds will be 
immediately evicted and not allowed to return for the rest of the pilgrimage. 
Anyone found coming back, after being evicted, will be charged with Trespassing.

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Camping Details

Poster for Schedule

2015 Pilgrimage
Saturday, July 18, 2015 to Thursday, July 23, 2015

    Saturday, July 18
    3pm Pipe Ceremony and Flag Raising
    7pm Mass- Alexander First Nation, Enoch First Nation, and Lac Ste. Anne Parish
    9pm Benediction, Adoration, and Rosary Candle Light Procession
    Sunday, July 19
    9:00am Rosary: Pilgrims
    10:30am Mass and Children’s Program- Alexis and Paul Nakoda Sioux First Nations
    1pm Arrival of the Driftpile Cree Nation Pilgrimage Society on Horse and Wagon
    1pm Testimonies and Healing Prayers
    3pm Mass and Blessing of the Lake- Pelican Narrows and Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan
    5pm Remembering the Pilgrims who have died
    7pm Mass- Cursillo Community
    9pm Candle Light Procession at the Stations of the Cross
    Monday, July 20
    5am Sunrise Ceremony
    9am Rosary: Pilgrims
    10:30am Mass and Children’s Program- St Peter Celestin Parish, Slave Lake, AB
    1pm Dramatic Presentation of St Kateri’s Life
    3pm Mass- Tlicho First Nation: Behchoko, NWT
    5pm Healing Mass for the Sick- St. Martin’s Parish, Wabasca, AB
    7pm Mass- Metis Nation of Alberta
    9pm Prayers for the Faithful Departed and the Rosary
    Tuesday, July 21
    9am Rosary: Pilgrims
    10:30am Mass and Children’s Program- Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples
    1pm Holy Hour and Marian Devotions
    3pm Divine Mercy Chaplet- Maskwacis, Alberta
    3:30pm Mass- Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Saskatoon, SK
    4:30pm- Youth Activities and Arrival of Alexis Youth Memorial Walkers
    5pm Youth Rosary
    6pm Mass hosted by the Youth of the Pilgrimage and the Oblates of Mary Immaculate
    8pm Youth Gospel Fest 
    Wednesday, July 22
    9am Rosary: Pilgrims
    9:30am Ukrainian Catholic Devotional Service hosted by the Ukrainian Catholic Youth Camp
    10:30am Mass and Children’s Program- Saddle Lake and Goodfish Lake, AB
    1pm Mass- Cree First Nations, Maskwacis, Alberta
    3pm Divine Mercy Chaplet- Maskwacis, Alberta
    3:30pm Mass- Blackfoot Confederacy, Tsuu T’ina Nation, Alberta
    5pm Sacrament of the Sick
    7pm Mass- Dene First Nations, Archdiocese of Keewatin - The Pas
    8:30pm Twelve Step Pilgrimage and Pledges- Cursillo Community
    Thursday, July 23
    9am Mass: Pilgrims


    Lac St. Anne Pilgrimage site
    A long-established annual meeting place for Aboriginal peoples, this lake became a Catholic pilgrimage site in the late 19th century. Since 1889, First Nations and Métis people have travelled here in late July to celebrate the Feast of Saint Anne. This saint, widely revered as the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus, embodies the grandmother figure honoured in many Canadian Aboriginal societies. Lac Ste. Anne is an important place of spiritual, cultural and social rejuvenation, central aspects of traditional summer gatherings for indigenous peoples.

In the past Native families, who in the fall had scattered to winter camps and trap lines, gathered in the summer for the buffalo hunt. First called Wakamne or God’s Lake by the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation who live on the west end of the Lake and Manito Sahkahigan or Spirit Lake by the Cree, Lac St. Anne is the site of the annual Lac St. Anne Pilgrimage, one of the most unique and memorable spiritual gatherings in North America.

    The pilgrimage to Lac Ste. Anne blends well with traditional Aboriginal spiritual beliefs and cultural practices. Aboriginal cultures have strong female figures and, generally speaking, grandmothers have a respected place within this society. As the grandmother of Christ, Saint Anne can be accepted into this tradition. The pilgrimage, which takes place on the week of her feast day, July 26, coincides with the time when traditional summer gatherings were held. The pilgrimage allows Aboriginal people to once again come together to visit, to share and to celebrate much as they did in the traditional summer gatherings.  Today as many as 40,000 pilgrims make their way to the shores of Lac Ste. Anne. Many come in search of healing and spiritual renewal.  This pilgrimage, has become the largest annual Catholic gathering in Western Canada.

The pilgrimage is especially close to the hearts of our many First Nations and Metis people who attend faithfully each year. 

Who is St. Anne?

Saint Anne is the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. While not mentioned in the Bible, stories of Anne and her husband Joachim are found in early Christian writings.

Devotion to St. Anne has been widespread throughout the world and many thousands of miraculous cures have been attributed to her wonder - working intercession.

She is often portrayed with the child Mary at her side holding a book and teaching her to read . In 1876 Pope Pius IX declared her as the Patroness of Canada.

    Where is the Lac St Anne Pilgrimage?

    The pilgrimage site is located on the shores of beautiful
    Lac Ste. Anne in Alberta, Canada about 75 km north west of Edmonton.

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Gathered in unity we, the Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrims, 

continue to celebrate this event which is a gift of God's blessing, 

deeply rooted in Catholic Native tradition.

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